R For Rabbit Rover NextGen Traveling Friendly Stroller for Kids of 2-7 Years

R for Rabbit
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R For Rabbit Rover NextGen Traveling Friendly Stroller for Kids of 2-7 Years

Take your child outdoors in a convenient new style stroller! We bring R For Rabbit Rover to make the travel time convenient for your baby. R For Rabbit Rover is a new age stroller meant for kids  for 2 – 7 Years with weight capacity of upto 40 kgs, Now even the kids of age group 4-7 years can also enjoy the strolling time in a sitting position in a complete safe way. Specially designed to fold in a very compact style which makes it best option for you to take it outdoor with your kid. Its light weight due to its aluminum structure & hassle free to fold and unfold. Its compact so it can be taken in car and used any where outdoors. So let your child enjoy the outdoors with R for Rabbit Rover.

Key Features:

  • Age : 2 – 7 Year kids  
  • Weight Capacity: Upto 40 kg
  • Safety 1st:  3 Point harness and front safety handle to keep your child safe on stroller.
  • Age Group : Rover is for kids  2 Years – 7 Years kids
  • Ready To Ride: Easy to install, fold and unfold makes it perfect for outdoors
  • Easy to Fold:  It requires less steps to fold the stroller
  • Compact Design:   Made with aluminum the structure is light and meticulously designed to fold in a compact way
  • Reversible Seat: Rotate the seat as per your child’s wish with reversible seat
  • Adjustable Handle Bar:  Change the angle of the controlling handle as per your comfort and height
  • Rear Brakes:  Have full control of the stroller with rear brakes

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