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R for Rabbit Caramello Smart Diaper Bags

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R for Rabbit Caramello Smart Diaper Bags

While going outdoors with a baby, parents need to take care of each and everything they need. R For Rabbit Brings You Caramello Smart Diaper Bags for the smart parents of today to make parenting easier. Caramello Smart diaper bag for mothers is luxurious and is loaded with multiple features that make it a perfect pal for you to team up with you while you take little munchkin outdoors. Caramello Smart diaper bag for moms is designed ergonomically to make it comfortable even when the mothers need to carry the bag for a longer period of time. This smart diaper bag comes with multiple pockets to accommodate multiple things your baby needs. Insulated pockets to keep your baby’s milk warm for a long period of time. Dedicated slot to fit in your power bank and connect it to outer connectivity point to charge your mobile on the go. Broad shoulder straps with material that will not let stress take over you plus its ergonomic design to give you comfort while picking up load of baby needs.

Key Features

Ergonomic Design: Designed ergonomically to make it comfortable to carry load even for a long period of time. Its broad shoulder straps and rear side breathable material makes it just perfect for parents.

High-Quality Water-Resistant Material: Keep all the baby needs away from getting wet with this diaper bag made of top-quality water-resistant material.

Big On Capacity: Multiple pockets to keep almost everything you need to take for your baby while you go outdoors

USB Charging Slot: Insert your power bank in the slot inside and connect it to the provided USB cable and you can charge your mobile through the slot.

Insulated Pockets: Keep your baby’s food warm for a long time with Insulated pockets to keep the feeding bottles

Side Pockets & Dirty Clothes Storage: Take a wipe with just a snap from the side pocket to wipe your child’s face. Dedicated storage space to keep all the dirty clothes in it and keep other things all hygienic.

Trolly Case Strap: Fix the diaper bag to the trolly bag by fixing it to handle with the help of trolly case strap.

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