R for Rabbit Lullabies Review- Auto Swing Cradle

Overall Rating  4/5
Design  4/5
Performance  4/5
Features 4/5
Value for Money  4/5

My Overall Take

As a mom whose kids have always loved to sleep in a cot, this cradle has been amazing. It’s a separate sleeping space with the benefits of a traditional ‘ghodiya’ that swings, but certainly safer and more practical. 
 Honestly, I was also hugely happy to see that this is not battery operated and comes with an adapter! Most swings that I have seen in the market have changeable batteries and that’s quite an annoying thing. Not only is it cumbersome, but becomes an unnecessary recurring expense.   
 For a motor operated cradle, the noise–or lack thereof was pleasantly welcome. This swing is so quiet. Honestly, you can hardly hear a sound when it’s on (unless of course you’re using the nature sounds or music, which are great!) 
 It’s been a blessing for me and I truly cannot be thankful enough for something that has fitted my life so effectively. 

What I Liked

To begin with, right from the time I knew I was expecting, my first concern was that the baby should sleep in his own cradle! 
 But with time I realized that the little one loved sleeping when on the move, or when rocked. This was beginning to become a challenge as and how he grew bigger and heavier. I couldn’t carry him around much and rock him to sleep for an extended time 
 What I really like about this cradle is that it has very gentle oscillating movements giving the baby just a gentle rock. So once my little one lay in and I rocked it (manually initially because he liked it more rigorous) the gradual transition to the gentle automatic from fast to slow  was perfect and as close to when I would hold him. This thrilled me because I could now choose the velocity of movement and the time duration too giving me total control. With the timer I could easily let him sleep while I finished my chores. It’s so light that I have on certain occasions moved it to another room because I’ve had chores to finish in that part of the house.  I usually let it be on for an hour because it gave me time to nap simultaneously. ‘The musical nature tunes are extremely relaxing and have been a great mood changer for me too. So while also creating the perfect ambience for the baby, it’s great for a mom’s stressed nerves too. When he’s not sleeping but is lying there and playing (thanks to the harness I’m not worried that he’ll roll out!) I usually up the volume for more sound.  
 I’m specially fond of R for Rabbit products for their space management and beautiful architecture.  For someone like me who lives in an apartment it’s perfect.  As opposed to a regular bulky cot, this one is very compact and can be moved around with much ease. So sweeping and mopping around it is super easy. Also when I go to mom’s I find it very hassle free to dismantle it and take it with me. I don’t need screws or additional support to help me assemble it. In the snugness of the cradle, my baby has slept for hours undisturbed.  
Finally it’s adorable colour ! It’s like one of those dream things that you see in movie nurseries! The attached canopy is flexible and can be moved all the way up and down. Though I haven’t washed it yet, I find that cleaning it with a wet cloth works just fine. 

What Could Be Better

I really like this cradle. It’s served me really well and is as beautiful as something that I would find in the magazines. The one thing I would really have enjoyed would be that if it had a mesh instead of an opaque canopy near the baby’s head (direction of the pillow). It would just make is so much easier for me to look at bub when he’s asleep through the net rather than  have to move the canopy all the way over. 
 All in all, it’s that dreamy and ultra-safe cradle that makes me so glad that I experienced it