R for Rabbit  Cherry Berry - The Convertible High Chair for Moms

Overall Rating  4.5/5
Design  4/5
Performance  4.5/5
Features 4.5/5
Value for Money  5/5

My Overall Take

 My son is 3 and I had never used a high chair before because I did not find them sturdy enough to keep my child safe from falling off and also because I could see my son uncomfortable in them due to less space..  

With Cherry Berry, my experience was completely opposite to what I had imagined. I could see a smile on my son’s face when he sat there for the first time and my immediate reaction was ‘this is a perfect buy for any child’. The fact that it transforms from an extra comfortable High chair to an infant feeding Booster Chair, Short Chair & Table, it can be used by any child within the age bracket of 7 months to 7 years. This makes it a great long term investment. 

The chair parts comes neatly packed in a box and one needs to be assembled. I felt that the manual could be a little easier to understand.. 

As already said, this chair can transform from a booster chair to a high chair to a chair and study table, it can be useful for a longer duration unlike any other high chair. The material used makes it sturdy enough to manage a child who weighs up to 20 kgs and is durable enough too. The seat cover provided is soft but non-slippery and is well cushioned It has harness attached to it to keep a baby safe. The harness is of premium quality, smooth with no roughness and is completely adjustable as per the child’s needs. As you can transform the chair to a booster, it also has two belts to attach it to another chair. But yes, it’s a bit bulky so taking it out of the house (to a restaurant) is not easy, unless you have an extra space in your vehicle for the seat. The cushioning on the seat and the backrest make it a comfortable for the child. The chair is completely Arc designed and has no sharp edges to harm your baby. The screws used are not visible to the baby so rare chances of any choking accidents.  

It is just going to occupy 1 sq foot of your room space when used as a high chair and 1.75 sq foot while using as a chair and a study table, making it a good buy for smaller apartments too! 

One might find this product to be over priced, but looking at the sturdiness and the durability it provides, for me it’s marked at a perfect price. Also, as I said, it’s a long term investment for at least 7 years.

What I Liked

1.It grows with the child as its convertible. 

2.It is sturdy and durable. 

3.Can be kept anywhere in the house and occupies less space. 

4.The product has no sharp edges and is completely safe for babies.

What Could Be Better

The chair is perfectly designed for a child but changing from one position to another seemed like a task. One really needs to understand how the parts work before bringing on the change in position or dismantling it, especially for the first time. The manual to use the chair should be more descriptive as I did not find any mention of the booster chair in the manual.