R for Rabbit Poppins Review- Ideal Prams for Moms

Overall Rating  4.5/5
Design  4.5/5
Performance  4.5/5
Features 5/5
Value for Money  4.5/5

My Overall Take

I was actually surprised by the ease of assembling the stroller and its look. I didn't expect to be able to assemble it so quickly and I have assembled a lot of strollers. In 2 years, I’ve gone through 4 strollers and this was one of the easier ones to assemble. The wheels snap on quickly, it opens and closes smoothly and the handle was easy to set up as well. Hardly took me over 10 mins. I like the colour too. It’s a nice bright blue and contrasts well with black. The basket underneath also has good amount of storage and I could easily stuff the groceries I purchased while walking back home with Karma after shopping for them. 

r for rabbit Poppins reviews

The safety harness and recline can be adjusted without any difficulties to suit your baby’s size and height. There was no tugging or pulling required. It happened in one go! I love the way the handle bar looks. It’s a very sleek looking handle. I hung my handbag on it and it took the weight without any problems. My handbags are are usually stuffed to the brim, so a sturdy handle bar was a definite plus. The sunshade provided ample coverage from sunlight without blocking the child’s view. It also folds neatly at the back so it’s not obstructive either to the child or parent. 

I feel it’s a very convenient stroller for moms. Sturdy, practical and easy to maintain, can be stored easily after folding in a corner and will definitely fit in the boot of any car. So one can easily take it to the mall or shopping or any other outing. The navigation was what impressed me the most followed by the ease of assembly. It’s a very smooth stroller to push your child in while at the same time has an effective breaking and wheel-locking system should one feel the need to use it. So it’s safe and comfortable!

Overall, I was quite happy with my experience of the stroller. It seems like a easy stroller to maintain.

What I Liked

The multiple recline positions is usually expected in all prams but it was extremely easy to do on this one. I didn’t have to press multiple buttons at the same time to adjust the recline position which was awesome. Simple adjustment of the strap, that too with Karma leaning against the back, and it was done!

The maneuverability of the stroller was great. It navigates very easily and the wheels turn extremely smoothly. If you don’t want the turning function on during slopes or slippery roads, you can just push down with your foot on the wheel snap and it won’t turn anymore. It doesn’t negatively impact the navigation at all. Just the wheels won’t rotate then. To make them rotate again, you can just snap it back up with your feet. It happened in a single click – extremely convenient. Same logic for the breaking system on the back wheels which was very effective. When I was downstairs with Karma, we stopped to talk to a friend on a path that has a slight incline. I put the break pedal down with my foot and did not have to worry about the stroller rolling down. When we finished chatting, just snapped it back up and went on our way. Easy as that! I didn’t use the mommy-facing position for Karma but I did try it after assembling the stroller and didn’t have any problems with it. It turns into a good pram. I mostly used it as a forward facing stroller since my daughter is now 2 years old. 

It was quite comfortable for Karma too which is very important. A stroller can have every feature in the world but is useless if it’s not comfortable for your child. She didn’t have any problems over bumpy roads or speed breakers. No dangerous jerks and she was sitting straight up leaning on the child-bar the whole time. So I was a little worried initially but faced no problems whatsoever. I was really happy about that! 

What Could Be Better

Mostly, I loved the pram. However, I wish the cup holder was a little bigger. To be honest, it really was not an invonvenience at all since most of her glasses fit in it and I don’t see it as a shortcoming really -  but a couple of her sippy cups were big for it is why i thought of mentioning this. Also, while the footrest is sturdy enough for 2 year olds with Karma having no problems at all, I still wish it was sturdier - but considering most strollers don’t even have one, it’s still a plus point.