R for Rabbit Tiny Toes Grand-The Smart Plug & Play Trike for Moms

Overall Rating  4.5/5
Design  4/5
Performance  4.5/5
Features 5/5
Value for Money  4/5

My Overall Take


I loved the overall packaging and presentation of the product. Was amazed at the box which has beautiful illustration. I have been using a different cycle for my child but after using this one by R4Rabbit I fell in love with this one. My child also enjoyed it a lot. The appearance and colour combination is really smart. It has lovely rims on wheels and metallic feel, everyone in my house loved it. It was great fun to see my child’s friends and their moms admiring the cycle. In terms of usage, it is pretty good. The harness belt is very useful. Even after being too apprehensive about the harness, it proved to be safe. I have used it on uneven surfaces, the cycle was quite a success. I found the cycle to be quite compact and very comfortable for the baby. The storage basket is helpful. The overall take for this cycle is that it is a great product.

What I Liked

I loved the look & feel of the cycle and a lot of people complimented it as well. The rims are lovely and the belt is very useful. Also, the fact that it takes very less space in my living room is a major plus. The direction control is also very useful.

What Could Be Better

It would be great if the cycle can be made little more sturdier to avoid any accidents.Also, since I am using it for a 14-month old baby, she would love music more than the bell. Wish there were some rhymes/songs fed in. An optional sun shade would be a good option too for taking the baby on excursions during daytime.