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Designer Baby Walkers & Rocking Walkers

The most awaited moment for parents is to see their babies walk their first steps. Baby walker is a crucial product for your baby who has just started walking and is learning to explore the world around. A good baby walker is the one with robust design, cushioned seats, handle bar for you to administer where and how you baby walks, good wheels with 360 degree rotation capability, and effective braking system.

R for Rabbit brings for you little ones baby walker series, a range of designer baby walkers which are of great quality, robust design and safety certified. These baby walkers are fold-able with easy portability. The walkers contain two stopper brakes to avoid your active little one from getting hurt or moving too fast. The height adjustable feature of our baby walkers is designed to suit your child’s height. These baby walkers also contain removable toy tray to keep your little one engaged, playful and is helpful in making the learning process of walking enjoyable to your baby.

To give your child a new experience, try our new baby walker Humpty Dumpty, which can be used as walker as well as rocker, double joy for you baby!