Baby Bottle Sterilizer

No environment is completely sterile. The milk bottle for your baby might seem to be clean yet it is likely to get contaminated with bacteria from your hands, air, counter and other surroundings. Therefore it is very important for you to sterilize the baby feeding bottles so as to protect your little one from catching unwanted infections. Soap and water is often used to clean the milk bottle, but it does not kill the bacteria that may be on the bottle, also if not rinsed thoroughly, chemicals may contaminate the insides of the bottle. Using baby bottle sterilizer instead of normal soap and water makes sure that bottle is free from any sort of contamination.

R for Rabbit introduces Peter Fighter - Baby Bottle Sterilizer to keep you little one away from bacterial infection. This steam sterilizer is multipurpose and specially designed to sterilize feeding bottles and accessories like teethers, todler plates, spoons, forks as well as baby food! Peter Fighter, the baby bottle sterilizer is compact in design and can sterilize 6 bottles in one time. It also has auto shut off feature ones the sterilization process in over. It sterilizes the bottles in 8 minutes, kills up to 99.99% harmful germs and saves time and energy.