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Mini Washing Machine

A new born baby means abundance of joy and responsibilities. In order to keep yur baby clean and healthy it is important to keep changing its clothes and diapers as they get dirty. Hygiene is very crucial for your new born child. Improper care may result in rashes on baby’s soft skin. Washing your baby’s clothes along with yours means transferring germs and chemicals from your clothes to theirs. To keep their clothes clean and skin tender, it is suggested to wash baby’s garments separate.

R for Rabbit has designed Rolly Polly - The Special Mini Washing Machine for baby garments. This mini washing machine makes it easy to keep Baby Garments clean. It also solves the problem of washing too many clothes too frequently for all the moms.

A mini washing machine keeps your baby’s clothes clean, soft and free from germs. This mini washing machine is simple to operate, compact and portable. It can wash and dry up to 10-12 baby clothes in one cycle. The multi pulse technology in the mini washing machine cleans clothes thoroughly without damaging its sensitive fabrics. Our mini washing machine will definitely solve every mom’s problem of washing her baby’s clothes frequently.