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Infant Baby Car Seats & Carry Cots

You might want to carry your baby everywhere you go, and yes we know that for you travelling with your baby is fun! But travelling with your li’l one in car also requires extra precaution for your baby’s safety, and this is exactly why baby car seats are to be used. Baby car seats can prevent serious injury to your child in any calamitous event. It is a good idea to buy car seat cum carry cot as it serves two purposes, one - to be used as car seat and two - easily carrying your baby, rocking your baby to sleep when travelling. The best baby car seat is the one that matches your baby’s size and weight. It should also fit properly in your car. Things to be considered before buying an infant car seat include age of your child, compatibility of the baby car seat in your car, portability of the baby car seat and your budget.

R for Rabbit has designed robust and comfortable infant car seat for you, to carry your baby everywhere you go! Our baby car seats are light weighted and easy to use. Baby car seats from R for Rabbit are easy to install as well. Our infant car seats come with booster seats and 5 point safety harness to keep your baby safe and comfortable throughout the journey. You can clean and was the cushions of these baby car seats to keep it hygienic for your child. R for Rabbit's Picaboo can be used as baby car seat as well as carry cot for babies. Unique design, great price and product makes our baby car seats the best choice for you!