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Baby Carriers & Carry Bags

Parenting is a full time job. Babies require constant attention, care and need to be carried everywhere. In this fast paced world, carrying your baby everyplace can be cumbersome, especially when you are a working parent. Also that babies need to be carried very carefully so as to offer adequate support to their head and neck. Using a baby carrier is a good way to carry baby along while working. A baby carrier helps carry baby easily and comfortably, providing good support to babies as well as parents. Using a baby carrier keeps both your hands free for you to work along with carrying your baby along. Baby carriers are now available online in India.  

R for Rabbit’s Cuddle Snuggle ensures comfort to you and your baby. Having a baby carrier makes life a lot more comfortable. Be it cooking, travelling, shopping or working, with a baby carrier on, both your hands are free and your baby is safely tucked onto you. Cotton and Mesh Fabric gives you and your little one ultimate comfortable experience.