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Baby Bath Tubs & Bathers

Keeping your child clean ensures healthy upbringing of the baby. Taking your child to bathe directly in bathroom that is wet and slippery is risky for your kid. Kids know nothing about bath, and tend to act mischievous during bath. Using a baby bath tub can ease the challenge of giving a safe bath to you child. You can seat the baby in the baby bath tub, ensuring safe and comfortable bath for your kid.

Your baby would love a bubbly bath in our baby bath tubs! Our baby bath tubs will make the bathing experience memorable for you! Our baby bath tubs have been specially designed to give your baby a safe and enjoyable bath everyday and every time with double bubble! We are aware of your concern about you child's safety during bath, our baby bath tubs are safe, portability and easy to handle. These baby bath tubs are easily foldable hence easy to store and transport when required.