Do you know babies love cradles as they relate it with warmth and security they felt in mother’s womb! Doctors and experts’ suggests cradling position is an important activity as it helps in baby’s brain and body development. That’s why palna, ghodiyu or jhoola are used since ancient times to make their baby sleep quickly! The rocking motion of it even calms down crying baby! But, for the rocking motion someone has to sit next to ghodiyu to rock it which can be a tedious task and can also hurt our muscles if done for longer period. Traditional ghodiyu has its own risk of falling, difficulty in breathing if the baby rolls and ends up burying his/her face against the hammock, while some hammocks do not give good posture to the baby and makes the baby sleep in curve shape which pushes baby’s chin to the chest and makes baby feel uncomfortable.
Keeping these drawbacks in mind, R for Rabbit has introduced an innovative EN Certified Auto Swing Singing Cradle, which will surely be loved by you and your little one as it is cozy, safe and can even play soothing music! While the baby can get peaceful sleep, you too can relax and have some me time! Let us see how this singing cradle is the best for your baby!

  • This is a quality standard cradle that creates a safest sleep environment which will minimise the risk of injury and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). This will in turn make baby sleep longer and peacefully which is very important for the growth of child’s body and brain. Also baby may become fussy and cranky all through the day if he/she has not got enough sleep.
  • Research says that rocking a cradle helps in motor skills development of your baby as baby can freely move hands in cradle and can interact with parents as he/she can easily see parent’s face through the product’s see through canopy which also has mosquito net which protects your baby from mosquito bites.
  • The automatic swinging of cradle regulates the speed of swing which will not give sudden jerks to your baby and in turn will make them feel comfortable while sleeping. Also, the speed of the swing can   be adjusted as per baby’s comfort.
  • You can easily turn on/off the swinging with a finger touch, you just have to select from the timing of swinging which is 15, 30 and 60 minutes! The swing can also be locked if not required.
  • A soothing lullaby helps in relaxing a much tired baby. It’s like a sonic massage for baby! Our list of pre-recorded lullabies built in this cradle will definitely turn a crying baby into smiling baby!!

We are sure our Lullabies-Auto Swing Baby Cradle will fulfill all the requirements of baby and parents! So why not bring it for your little one and enjoy the different expressions of your baby while sleeping, playing and listening to lullabies inside the cradle. Yes, and don’t forget to capture those wonderful moments for they will be memories in future!

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