Baby Bath Guide For New Moms!!

We don’t know everything since birth, but we learn along the way of our life. The motherhood is one of them and you will not learn until you get your baby.  It can make you nervous if you are a first-time mother. The key to learning is not to get panic and try your best. The more you stay calm, more easily you will able to manage everything about your baby. One of the hardest things we heard was giving a bath to the newborn. Hence, we are providing baby bath guide for New moms.

Generally, till the umbilical cord heals newborn baby gets sponge baths only. You can decide how frequently you want to give a sponge bath according to your doctor’s instruction. After a few weeks, you need to give a proper bath to your baby so better to plan ahead and get everything you want. Checkout the list of things you need before you start the baby bath:

  1. Baby bather by R for Rabbit
  2. Baby Bath cushion for bath tub
  3. Soft washcloth for Baby
  4. Baby towel with hood
  5. baby soap and baby shampoo
  6. clean diaper and clothing

The very first step is to find out the flat surface, so that bath tub can stay stable. Now check the temperature of the room, it should be warm (20 – 25 degree Celsius). Place the non-skid bath cushion in the tub. This will help you to keep the baby in place. Now fill up the bath tub with warm water. Now gently undress the baby and explain to them what you are doing with a soothing voice. Place the baby in the bathtub very carefully.

The face and head are crucial part and most of the baby starts crying if they don’t like. Hence, start with little bit soap, wash the face and head first. After washing it continue moving downwards and clean neck, ears, buttocks and groin area as well. Try not to wet the umbilical code area until code came out. Once you have the clean front, then finish with the back side.

After the bath, dry your baby thoroughly, especially the head and dress them. Initially, you will feel scared, but once you learn you will enjoy these moments. Most of the babies love having a bath and play water splashing. Hence, once you get used to this routine you and your baby will have fun having baby bath time.